Yes It Happens on Our Beach!

Hawksbill Sea Turtle

Our beaches are beautiful

Next to our lounge chairs, a sea turtle lays her eggs.  All beaches are kept and maintained to be natural and without damage to nesting grounds.  You could be watching this while relaxing in the sun!

Gemstone is a cut above all others

Does your caribbean package include concrete and man-made materials to make it look nice, or is it kept as a natural wonderland to save its beauty.

Every traveler should stay at this Caribbean Gemstone

It's more than a getaway - it's more than a vacation - it's a retreat into a different world with genuine people and genuine culture, seamlessly integrated with moments that can take your breath away.     

How to Plan Your Caribbean Vacation

It's easy - contact Pam, (your Personal Concierge) and let her guide you onto St. Croix with an all inclusive package that you design.  In the long run, it'll  save you the expense that others will make you pay.

Book Your Perfect Caribbean Vacation Rental

A privately owned home and condo accommodates everyone.  So look no further because this beautiful St Croix beachfront is exactly what you want.  Book & Stay Today!      

With many selections available, you've found it here!

Why search further when this private beachfront home accommodates six guests, has a beachfront that most  Caribbean villas can only envy, and it  provides the ultimate in tropical peace and seclusion, 

Call or Email to Save Your Villa Vacation Rental

Contact Pam Clay

Reserve all of your Caribbean vacations now! Save the date for this beachfront Gemstone!

Contact us to arrange your stay at one of the most beautiful vacation destinations in the Caribbean.  We're in the Gentle Winds condominium community,  quiet and removed from tourists and local residents.  A Caribbean vacation rental that is 84 feet from the ocean!  With a community swimming pool next to a well manicured beach and along side the Caribbean ocean, living is easy.  Life is great as those long-gone pirates have said, "I've got a drink in me hand and me toes in the sand!"   

Calabash Real Estate (Pam rents Gemstone)

Christiansted, United States Virgin Islands 00820, United States

(340) 718-5285 (ask for Pam Clay)

Everyone on St. Croix is on "island time" "Atlantic Standard Time(AST)"

Monday - Friday: 9am - 3pm AST

Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Call during work hours or leave a message for Pam.

Emailing Pam will also get a response.